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The photo you see is a photo of me when I started on Omni Drops and the 2nd is of me at 30 days. In the 1st 30 days I lost 44 pounds. I have now lost 62 lbs in 45 days. And I will continue to lose until I reach my goal weight. Even I am impressed by the weight loss.
The Omni Drops are pure HCG. First thing I want to warn you that the HCG that you can get at health food stores and places like Walgreens have 2 problems. First they are more expensive than Omni Drops. Omni Drops are $79.00 + s&h for 4 oz's which lasts 45 days, where as the over the counter's are 1 oz bottles that are in most instead are laced with water or alcohol. I have had customers who have tried our Omni Drops and lost great amounts of weight and thought that it would be cheaper to get it over the counter because it only cost $40 per bottle. The problem is it is only a 1/4 of the size and they stopped losing weight . So they ended up paying more and not losing weight. In some cases people got sick from the use of over the counter because of the additives. AGAIN Omni Drops are pure.
HCG is known in medical terms as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is produced in women during their pregnancy. The natural hormone HCG is produced by the body as a protector of ones metabolism creating a link between body and brain that feeding both fetus and the mother becomes its #1 priority. This signal to the brain creates a constant open access to all fat stores in the body. By using Omni Drops pure HCG your body is being told that it is a must to burn fat stored in your body as much as it can to stay healthy. This in turn burns about calories a day which is the result of losing 1-2 lbs. of weight loss per day.
All humans are born with the proper fat levels. There are no obese nor malnourished newborns. HCG is responsible for this. For this reason, it is found to work on ALL humans with no exceptions. How well it works is up to the human.
ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! You can only get Omni Drops from a distributor such as me. I will help you to get started early on your new years resolution to lose weight. IT WORKS and I have many friends who will give you testimony to this fact. CALL today 772-418-